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See you at the market!

Farm Fresh Eggs For Sale!

Farm Fresh Eggs are now available for $2.50 per dozen. The eggs come from our free-range Rhrode Island Red layers. The yolks are a rich, orange color in comparission with the pale yellow yoke from standard store-bought eggs. The taste is so enjoyable! We have these eggs over-easy every morning for breakfast with home-made bread. If you would like our bread-machine recipe please contact me. mystical_rose84 [at] hotmail [dot] com

Last chance for 2007! : Pick up your Fresh Chicken

Come visit our farm and get your family some natural, premier, pasture-raised poultry!
Please mark your calendars and come pick 'em up (The chickens will be processed, packaged and ready for pick-up).

It will be first come first serve and let me know any special requests. The price will be same as last time $2.50 per pound. Support your local family farms and enjoy the best chicken you've ever tasted. Our oldest son, David, is running this chicken broiler project. He moves these chickens onto fresh pasture every day and he uses the best custom feed mix to provide an excellent product for your dinner table.

Thanks, Mike Lawless and the rest of the Lawless family at Vita Bella Ranch

We'll be glad to share some of our favorite roasting recipes.

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Chickens are now ready for sale! The processing was completed on Friday and now the chickens are all packaged away neatly in our freezers. Here are a few pictures of when they were out on the pasture.

Here is a quick shot from processing day. Everyone pitched in to help complete the task as smoothly and efficient possible.

A blog for Vita Bella Ranch!

Well we are now official! Vita Bella Ranch will now be on the maps as a place where customers can find farm fresh and all natural food! And this also marks the beginning of our effort to someday have a farmers market here in Clear Creek Oklahoma!

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